A travel diary for a journey in 2.0 narrated by Gloria, 23, junior project manager at Màgina. An awareness awakening over a year.

Need comes from the young (December 2011)
For the last few months I’d been wondering why Màgina doesn’t have a profile somewhere on a social network. By now lots of companies have gone social, from small ones through to big multinationals.
So why don’t we open a Facebook page as well, so we can collect likes and post anything we want, from newspaper articles to videos and photos of our events? Or maybe Twitter, very easy and immediate to use? What about Flickr or YouTube? They’d be perfect to publish our photo and video archives.

First launch on Facebook (January 2012)
I thought the start of a new year was the ideal moment for Màgina to be launched on the social network scene.
Firmly convinced of this, I decided to try to persuade my co-workers of the importance of being on a social network.

Appetite comes with eating (February 2012)
Màgina’s there. And it’s even almost everywhere! First on Facebook and Twitter, then Flickr and YouTube (we couldn’t leave our video and photo archives buried at the bottom of a drawer!), and finally on Foursquare.
That brings us right-up-to-date with a bang!

We need to know more (April-June 2012)
Course in Social Media Marketing – 40 hours – 6 pm to 10 pm- no dinner!
I the undersigned, fresh from her studies and great at surfing the web, and one of Màgina’s very own veterans, with her twenty years of experience in the world of communication and events, decided to find out more about social networks. And so a new adventure started for us when we signed up for a course in social media marketing to better understand the difficulties and benefits of social networks, how to use the language of the digital world in the best possible way, and to identify our goals for business targets, marketing and corporate communication.

Ooops! We’re out of date again!
What do you do when they tell you the Màgina site doesn’t “exist”? Well that’s what they said. After a few lessons we found out that our precious site, dynamic, complete with animations and unique graphics, was more or less invisible to search engines. It was developed with Flash, a “closed” technology that hides and groups together under a single image all the links of the pages inside the site. In other words, it doesn’t contain a visible source code – meaning legible text – that can be used to index the site on search engines.

We can’t change all of it! (July 2012)
So what do we do now? Can we manage to abandon our Flash site and create a new one in HTML? Maybe we shouldn’t dwell too much on the past, there’s a changing world we need to keep up with. Feeling confident about how true this is, we make our rational decision… the Màgina site has to change as well!

Site? What site? We want a magazine! (November 2012)
After lengthy discussions with webmasters and SEOs (but this time as informed consumers), we’re ready to launch our new site, developed using all the latest technologies.
Our site’s become a magazine, sharing the world of Màgina with texts, images and videos.

And it’s not finished yet… but who’ll write the blog? :)