Finally something is changing!
We want to re-start and believe in the human being and in the food, the inexhaustible sources of vital energy and, at the same time, the indisputable protagonists of a society who wants to be based on sustainability.
Expo 2015, the great world exhibition will illustrate, explain and communicate new proposals and it will be a wonderful way to learn.

Surely it’s an experience worth to be made in Italy… don’t waste time!
We know places, people, ideas, opportunities and… we have a great passion towards new way travelling and experimenting Italy and its people.

Magina can do it, we’d like to get in touch with people who desire to experiment new solutions of travelling to improve their work and head towards progress.

Our Top Ten Expo 2015:
Food and wine experiences, from tradition to innovation… and much more!
attività-sostenibilità-expo-20151. Sustainability in the field – Programma di visite presso fattorie, un progetto solidale dove i partecipanti apprendono le tecniche e gli approcci di interazione con l’ambiente, contribuendo a migliorare gli standard qualitativi della fattoria stessa.



2. Ancient trade and crafts – learning by doings activities dedicated to the recovery of authentic arts to share and enjoy together.



3. Gold Ravenna – An experience to discover the art of the Byzantine mosaic. A visit to the main Byzantine monuments of the city and a day working together with the most celebrated mosaic artists.



4. Michelin Cuisine – Objective of the programme: to free the talent of each participant with a combinations of personal and cultural experiences.


5. Eat Italy – Regional cuisine at your fingertips. How to discover the secrets of the true Mediterranean diet, listed by UNESCO in the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.



6. Natura and culture of the Biological – The Extra virgin olive oil, from harvest to pressing, an experience which reveals the secrets of Italian treasure.


7. Slow foauto-epoca-tour-gastronomico-expo-2015od slow motion – The activity aboard vintage cars, fully immersed in venues strongly associated with the gastronomic traditions of the territory, where participants experiment culinary samples and share tasty experiences.


8. My wine… your wine – a sensorial analysis, a challenging and funny activity to discover and learn the secrets of the world of wine.


9. Village life – A tour of selected local artisans, to experience the everyday life in a village: local produce, tiny food shops, people that work and live with passion though at a relaxed place.



10. The value Re-Use Design – A creative re-use design lab. Participants will explore the ways in which a target could be reached, exercising their imagination to combine their design skills with an awareness of the available means to build a bridge between the past and the present, and on into the future.