Environmental innovation and social benefits in events

An eco-friendly event contributes in promoting innovative techniques and technologies that help to use resources more effectively, spreads environmental awareness among participants, and encourages sustainable and responsible practices. To be coherent, companies must plan the organization of their events in a way that reflects the objectives of their social responsibility policy.

green events

This is why Magina organized an event focusing on the concept of exploiting wastes as a resource, working to turn moments of crisis into moments of opportunity.
The client we did this for was Isolcasa, a world leader in PVC door and window fittings, and we started from the concept of a window as the meeting point between “inside” and “outside”, for the launch of a green product featuring a range of door and window fittings made from recyclable materials.

The event location we chose was not casual, but perfectly represented instead all the values the product was designed to communicate: the “Remo Bordoni” Italo-Swiss Educational Centre in Rimini, a school that for over 60 years has been a reference point for innovative educational and pedagogical projects.

green events 2

During this extraordinary event, in which the all the school’s pupils were involved, the structure of a large tree was constructed, with the help of a paper-mâché artist, and this was then decorated with various small objects made by the children.
The aim was to allow them to make and shape all the decorations using waste materials, bringing a sense of wonder to the world “outside the window” and creating a link between the “inside” and the “outside” symbolized by the window fitting.

Combining promotion, involvement, marketing and social action, the event made a positive mark on all participants with a spirit of dynamism, intelligence and creativity.

Project Manager