An innovative team building program

Training benefits from hands-on training, because transmitting knowledge cannot simply rely on formal training transmitted in a sterile environment, it must go beyond the classroom walls and make full use of practical tools, in a word: experience.
The idea to engage a group of people from the same company was prompted precisely by a desire to unravel knots, address internal team issues, so as to overcome the difficulties that often arise in a team made of individuals, different personalities that may collide.
Màgina,  has developed a training event in which the group is placed in a new environment, different from their customary working environment, a place where each team member may take on a new, neutral role.
Drawing inspiration from cartoonist Rube Goldberg, who used kinetic art mechanisms in his Rube Goldberg Maginadrawings, Màgina put in place “The Genius Project”, a program that exploits Goldberg’s engineering dynamics to experiment with a creative combination of simple operations and see how it can lead to an extraordinary result.
The project uses a chain reaction brought about by the movement of a small ball, which, through delicate passages and making use of the so-called domino effect, must be able to trigger specific reactions and attain the final goal: in this case, the aim was to pour water into a cup connected with this “kinetic carousel”.
It should be noted that the final action is never the same and is designed on a case-by-case basis according to the type of company the trainees come from. Thus, the point is not just to ensure that the objective is reached, as the process in itself is important. It has a metaphorical meaning and a didactic purpose: to gain an understanding of group dynamics, have each team member feel actively engaged, establish relationships, bring about a division of tasks and collaboration, because everyone’s connected, everyone is a fundamental piece in the same puzzle.
Màgina introduced this synergetic use of creativity and training: many companies have recognised the significance of this approach and believe it can be instrumental inencouraging resourcefulness and stimulating imaginative thinking in team work, and can be a highly effective means for resolving problems and conflicts internal to the team.


Project Manager