Let’s interview ourselves!



Why has Magina changed its look?

– The world changes because we change.
– And if it’s true that every process of change creates new opportunities and promotes new needs, then what we do is to bring new visions into play.
– Twenty years ago we started out from the firm conviction of our desire to create surprising solutions that would most definitely be remembered, guaranteeing truly memorable events. Our strong desire to leave our mark was reflected in: Magina “Light your Event”.

So today we no longer want to leave our mark?

– Today we want to push for results starting from an idea.
– Because our experience, cultivated by our talents, our original flair and our passionate commitment, has allowed us to develop models that work, models that are able to satisfy our clients’ needs, because they identify a perfect synergy between a specific moment, communication and the target public.

What are we trying to communicate with our new slogan?

– Very briefly, that we are consultants who work together with clients to interpret, assess and identify all the focal elements of a project.
– At the same time we’re also artisans, starting from the raw material of an idea that we carefully craft to meet the needs of our clients in projects capable of giving a vital new boost to the commitment and motivation of all persons involved, with strength and determination.
– We transform ideas in results, from the vision to action.

And now we’ve decided to call ourselves
Màgina “Performing Ideas”