New concept event takes place in Amsterdam.

Tulips, canals, houseboats, art and beauty as far as the eye can see: Amsterdam can be ancient and dynamic, traditional and up-to-the-minute, offering countless dimensions to its visitors. This year, the splendid capital city of the Netherlands hosted Power-Gen, Europe’s most important conference in the energy sector, which was attended by all the major players in the industry.

In the course of the three-day exhibition and business event, Magina was able to create an informal moment by organising an “intimate marketing” itinerary, rich with experience and values, and open to a small group of participants who had a chance to discover the city from many different points of view, in unique, unusual ways. A new avant-garde type event, with the added value arising from a special relationship established with customers through a mix of one-of-a-kind, personal moments, reserved to a small number of people. “Intimate” as a profound dimension, as ties, contacts that go beyond business aspects and put the emphasis on the values of the meetings and the people involved.

The meeting in Amsterdam was Amsterdam_eventi_MIAplanned for a group of customers and buyers representing the world’s crème de la crème, the directors and managers of Tenaris, a company of international standing and the world’s No.1 manufacturer of seamless steel pipes for the automotive, mechanical and energy sectors. The starting point for the rendezvous was the beating heart of the city, Dam Square, a gathering point dominated by the Royal Palace and the National Monument, a tourist attraction and an event venue, illuminated by the glowing colours of a fading sun. A retro boat took the guests to the EYE Cinema Museum, a building with a futuristic structure, entirely built on the water and fully dedicated to cinema, avant-garde artists and current events. In such a highly innovative venue, visitors were led by an exceptional guide (the same who had the honour to accompany the kings of Spain, the Netherlands and Sweden) and watched works by South African director William Kentridge, who was able to capture with great mastery the complexity and the beauty of his native land and display it for everyone to see and be amazed by.

A four-minute video about the Tenaris group, with interviews and corporate plans, was shown during the visit: a business interlude set in a wonderful frame, the cultural container of the EYE Film Institute Netherlands. This “journey in the evening” ended with aperitifs and a dinner that saw the participation of all the most important enterprises of the Netherlands.

Thus, every step was studied to give a different touch, a very special quality to each and every experience, each of them designed to be savoured and interiorised in an intimate fashion, so as to ensure that Tenaris values would be conveyed to the customers on a friendly, personal basis, making them feel at ease and enabling directors and buyers to get to know each other in a new setting, that was comfortable and almost familiar.

The intimate marketing generated by Magina does not rely on spectacularity, does not simply provide an opportunity for establishing business contacts with customers, cares little about quantity, and puts the emphasis on quality, the quality of companies seeking to express what they deeply believe in.

Project Manager