The added value in the business world

The notion of empathy – whose origins date back to the distant past, since it is associated with the culture of ancient Greece and the term “pathos” – refers to a profound ability to feel, to experience something from someone else’s point view, and therefore be able to get a full understanding of the other person’s emotions and needs. Applied to the world of business, it becomes an undeniable added value for a company, an important asset, since it means the company can approach its customers with a full understanding of their needs and requirements.

In June, MAGINA, organised an event centred on the meaning of “empathy” as a valuable tool for a company of excellence. The very notion of excellence, in fact, implies three characteristics: efficiency, reliability and empathy.
The title of the meeting, “The Huddle” (borrowed from the world of sports) already suggests the idea of strategic planning, conceived by a company of international standing to meet a specific goal.
Among the issues addressed in the course of the meeting was the role of empathy in the making of strategic decisions for the future: empathy with the customers and with the company’s human resources. It amounts to an ability to put oneself in someone else’s shoes and share the same feelings, walk in the same direction and take the other person’s needs into due account. In short, working with someone rather than in the service of someone.

BonfiglioliTo underscore the significance of this strategic meeting and the implications of the concepts explored in the classroom, the participants were taken sailing aboard a gulet in the Natural Reserve of San Bartolo (PS) and the excursion was followed by a dinner on the rocks, emphasizing the pleasure of being together, in a condition of pure conviviality, without the slightest hint of luxury and excess.

The feeling aboard the gulet was pure wellbeing, in a relaxed atmosphere, while some people played guitars and others joined in the choral singing of hits known to all Italian and foreign participants.

Yet again, Magina, partner MIA group, enabled the participants to experience first-hand what empathy is all about, something to be cherished not only as a business tool, but first and foremost as a personal value.

Project Manager