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Expodental Meeting 2016, 19 – 20 – 21 May 2016

The first edition of EXPODENTAL MEETING, the benchmark dentistry event for Italy and the rest of the world, will soon be making its debut in Rimini, with a wide-ranging offer to satisfy the many needs of all operators in the sector. The dental supplies industry, distributors, agents, dentistry professionals, the media and universities will find excellent opportunities to meet and talk at Expodental Meeting, with a particular focus on training and information updates. In addition to a large display area, there will also be practical sessions and sections dedicated to the most advanced technologies, with a specially-prepared exhibit to illustrate the new digital technologies that are transforming the world of diagnostics and dentistry, including 3D printing.

All these attractions make this an unmissable event, but at the end of the day there’s only one way to consolidate the contacts made at your stand, and this is to create a special experience outside the exhibition, at a local venue that’s unique and boasts a splendid atmosphere, fully integrated with the host territory.

This is where the Màgina team comes in, made up of professionals with outstanding expertise in the coordination of communication events and the identification of original experiences, capable of reinforcing bonds with clients and transforming them into tangible sales results. With Màgina, your fringe event will not be just a stand outside the exhibition site, but instead a container of experiences to be enthusiastically enjoyed by the clients you’ve met, involving and attracting them so that you can present your products and services in a distinctly different way, with extreme originality and in a more stimulating setting.

To find out more or to ask for an estimate, please contact us at eventi@magina.it

Project Manager