We all know this is the way it goes at Christmas, with a splendid overview of the past year’s experiences, and a list of hopes and wishes for the new one.

For us, 2015 was a year rich in challenges, exciting ideas, reconfirmed trust and a great deal of satisfaction.
And now we’re moving into 2016, we’d like to remember for a moment some of the highlights that made last year so special for us.
It would be hard to forget the 500 international guests eagerly looking forward to meeting each other again at their annual EFCLIN congress in Venice, to enjoy all the magic of one of the world’s most beautiful cities.
Another of the year’s exhilarating moments was certainly the ascent by a famous Italian freeclimber of Genoa’s historic Porta Soprana gate, to promote the launch of an online magazine dedicated to wellness and physical activity.
Looking back we can still see the smiles of Bonfiglioli’s top managers as they learned traditional flamenco dancing in Barcelona, with the men clicking castanets and the women wearing mantillas, during the leisure programme of their annual meeting held in the city.
A particularly ambitious project was when we asked 60 Lamborghini employees to recreate the ancient “Tilting at the Quintain” tournament in a single day, in all its aspects, from costumes and the construction of the “chariots” they used instead of horses, through to dances, beating drums and the creation of banners.
We were just as satisfied with the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of Tetra Pak, where first we carefully studied our client’s corporate history, so we could offer an event to faithfully tell the story of its values, its people and the objectives accomplished.
From Amsterdam to Barcelona, and flying on towards Lisbon, and then travelling the length and breadth of the whole of Italy… we have precious memories of everywhere we’ve been.
And our unforgettable year closed brilliantly with Italian astronaut Umberto Guidoni, who turned the Zhermack Group’s New Year party into an even more special occasion.
So what’s our secret? Well… it’s because we do everything with passion, every time just like the first… with total enthusiasm, constancy and dedication.
And now we must look forward again to the coming year, with its new challenges and new commitments, but our greatest hope is that we’ll be able to share even more extraordinary experiences together with our clients.
Our sincerest thanks to you for having given us such a magnificent year, and our promise is that… we’ll never stop amazing you!

immagine buon anno 2016

A Happy New Year to you all!


Project Manager