A challenge for experiential training


Màgina is expertise and excellence in training: we describe below an innovative project for Lamborghini, the automotive manufacturer that makes the world’s most coveted sport cars. At the start of the training program, 60 participants, with different qualifications and holding different positions within the company, were asked to take a plunge into the Middle Ages and re-enact the famous Quintain, a challenge in which horseback riding knights gave the best of themselves to win the ring of their beloved.

The objective was ambitious: in the course of a single day, the team had to recreate each and every aspect of the historical event – from the clothing and the carts on wheels (used in lieu of the horses) to the flags and banners, the dances and the rhythms on the drums. An exciting challenge for Lamborghini, where technology and innovation are habitual features.

The participants (professionals with different roles and responsibilities) were organised into different “lineages” competing against one another, as was done in medieval times, and each person had to play a role in every stage of the challenge, starting with the strategy session, during which tasks were defined and assigned.quintain Lamborghini1

A fashion designer provided advice on the creation of period clothes, and the design and construction of the gonfalons also required special attention. The sound of medieval drums was a key feature, as the participants had to learn the rhythm of their lineage. The women engaged in a medieval dance. The team had to undertake a variety of tasks, but the most demanding stage of the training session was the construction of the 4 wheel carts.


With two people pushing the cart, the teams began their race to get hold of the ring. Sheer force was not enough, as the task called for control skills and, above all, dexterity in going back to the starting line after conquering the ring. Issues already tackled by Lamborghini.
The idea of having people from the same company get together for a challenge was dictated by the aim to untangle knots and overcome internal difficulties, in a fun setting, extraneous to day-to-day company work: the experiential day conceived by Màgina, partner Meet in Action, combined creativity and excellence in training most successfully.

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