Italy conquers 500 Belgian insurance agents

Do you want to motivate the people who work for you to achieve organizational targets and strengthen their bonds with your business?

If the answers yes, then you need to think of the best way to reward them, and an incentive trip might be exactly what youre looking for. In fact, taking your collaborators out of their routine work environment and creating tailor-made training activities for them strengthens links between workplace colleagues and allows managers to get to know their staff better.

How do we do it? Well, we start with the aim of making sure that our client’s guests live an experience of total immersion in the attractions of the territory chosen as the destination, astounding them by showing them cultures and traditions different from their own, and at the same time creating the best possible activities to increase group cohesion, enhance interpersonal relations and finally leave them with unforgettable memories.

WhatsApp-Image-20160515 (19)And this is precisely how we convinced a Belgian client (an insurance company) to entrust us with its 500 best insurance salespeople, to show them a part of Italy thats rarely explored but outstandingly beautiful, with a journey in the fascinating province of Bologna.

This destination was chosen together with our client, after carefully considering important factors like guest profiles, their jobs, professional activities and cultural values, local attractions and the groups knowledge of the area to be visited. We then combed the province to discover all its most exclusive places, events and special attractions, and exploiting our consolidated experience in creating corporate training programmes, we were able to offer our client activities packed with challenges, action and total involvement.

Major automakers, fine local food and wine, the history of the towns of Bolognas countryside and splendid Italian art were the great protagonists of our journey and when a corporate incentive travel event turns out even better than planned and tells our guests everything about the area, the results can be truly amazing!

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Project Manager