Incentive trips have a significant effect on workforce happiness, and as everyone knows, a happier workforce works better…

but the benefits of this powerful marketing tool don’t stop here!

At Màgina, we’ve already told you about how we managed to convince a Belgian client (an insurance company) to reward its 500 best insurance salespeople with an incentive trip in the fascinating province of Bologna, and now we want to let you in on the secrets of the exclusive places where we welcomed our guests, and the value that this incentive event brought to its host territory.

Our mission involved a programme of unusual activities, not often included in ordinary tours. And we satisfied our objectives perfectly, thanks to the collaboration and support of the territory’s protagonists, in the form of its local communities.

In fact, with the help of the “Dama Vivente” historical pageant association of Castelvetro di Modena, we took our guests on a journey back in time to enjoy an authentic Renaissance banquet held in the town’s main square. Volunteers, public authorities and residents of the town work alongside us to offer participants an unforgettable experience of total immersion in local culture. In exchange, theassociation will invest the contribution received in new period costumes to be worn during historical reenactment event organized by the town council.

baloise12The contribution we gave the Luciano Pavarotti Foundation for having opened the doors of the maestro’s home for us, where every detail still reflects his extraordinary personality, is destined instead to promote the careers of the foundation’s young talents. And after our visit, we all went on to the Europa 92 restaurant, where our guests were served a special dish of Venere black rice with gold leaf… Pavarotti’s favourite speciality!

Our journey continued as we took our guests to Carpigiani  to learn about the ancient art of Italian gelatos from the company’s master gelato chefs, who as a special exclusive made them a gelato with Parmesan cheese and Mortadella sausage… two products of outstanding excellence from Italy’s vast gourmet heritage interpreted in a new light.

WhatsApp-Image-20160516 (16)But Emilia Romagna also means hospitality, so we took our guests to explore an unusual dining experience in the homes of Bologna’s traditional “Cesarine” cooks, who in their own homes prepared exquisite traditional dishes, revealing the ancient tricks and secrets of their recipes.

Their experiences in Emilia Romagna left our guests with memorable memories of their incentive event, and without our thorough knowledge of the territory and the support of its local communities, we wouldn’t have been able offer them so many surprises and thrills, and we wouldn’t have been able to conquer them.

Do you think an incentive event is what you need? Contact us and we’ll plan it together with you.

Project Manager