Local experiences, to take every opportunity to create value

For the Italian bank Unicredit, we created not one but a total of five different territorial experiences. The bank chose the “Romagna”, an Italian historical region that approximately corresponds to the south-eastern portion of present-day Emilia-Romagna, for its event, and for its 1000 employees we mapped the most representative places, landscapes, activities and products of the area.

13521976_1137208696301485_8622532611732501807_nIn a single day, participants were free to choose and enjoy the experience that best suited their preferences:

– the beach for sport lovers, where our professional trainers specialized in various disciplines helped them compete in a series of contests;

– for lovers of art and history, we developed an extraordinary journey through nature, exploring the landscapes once painted by old masters like Piero della Francesca, Leonardo da Vinci and others, with a healthy Nordic Walking excursion;caccia istintiva

– an old quarter of San Marino was the setting for an instinctive archery trail, where budding bowmen, guided by champions in this sport, fired their arrows in a variety of target shooting challenges;

– a splendid canoe trip in the striking scenery of the river leading out of Cervia’s saltmarshes, organized for devotees of nature in some of its most unusual forms;

– learning how to make Romagna piada bread for enthusiasts of fine food, involving participants in an exquisite tasting experience that revealed the secrets of local culinary traditions.

An outstanding opportunity for our client’s employees to create value for themselves and for the work done by their company, echoing the words of Unicredit’s new CEO Jean Pierre Mustier in his inaugural address: “We take every opportunity to create value.”


Project Manager