An added value to the travel experience

How do you get the most out of the experience of an incentive trip for your sales force?
The answer’s easy… by including a training activity as part of the trip!

Incentive trips offer the opportunity not only to create better relationships between partners and colleagues, enhancing and rewarding socialization, but also to train the people involved.
In previous articles we told you about an experience in our territory developed for a Belgian client [More than just an incentive trip], and about the value that this event created for the local community [Incentive trips and territory], but that wasn’t all.

baloise8Together with a renowned Italian consultant and researcher, Giorgio Di Tullio, an expert in innovation processes in social chains and in communication for major multinationals, we dedicated a moment of the incentive trip to training for the participants, developing an original and innovative classroom experience aiming to offer a new vision of the current insurance market, capable of breaking rigid practices and at the same time giving a new reading of the foundations of the relationship on which interactions with customers are based.
The theme on which the discussion focused was “Marketability”, examining and exploring the various aspects that characterize contemporary purchasing processes and the birth of new ways of thinking about the “construction of a market”. If on the one hand it is the task of Product Managers to determine the marketability of a product, and to assume ultimate responsibility for the product and its market success, sales personnel must also learn to be aware of the product’s marketability in both the current and future market.

Together with Di Tullio we analysed the figure of the insurance agency, which represented the professional profile of the participants, and its evolution in sales processes:
“In the past, insurers worked in a vertical market, but today, thanks to social networks, users are more open to relationships, more willing to listen to a consultant, developing an interaction based on trust. By shifting the focus from products and services to processes, and by working with passion, insurers can change the keynote of their reciprocal relationship with their clients: No longer fear, but hope.”
(Giorgio Di Tullio)

As experts in the sector of training projects, we’re firmly convinced that training activities give added value to incentive events, and are not a substitute for them. In fact, by using a dynamic and interactive methodology, the involvement of participants was guaranteed, combined with effective study and learning, and the aims of the client were successfully achieved.

Have we managed to convince you as well? We have?

Good, so all that’s left now is to start planning your next incentive trip together with us!

Project Manager