Creativity and manual dexterity are qualities that our clients are asking us for more and more frequently.

This is why our projects are often inspired by art, long considered a fundamental form of communication, because it can sometimes say far more than words alone. Art allows us to engage managers, employees, collaborators and customers in direct hands-on experiences, exploring new ways of communicating with each other using brushes, paints and paper.
Over the years we’ve developed a variety of art-based project formats that help participants to express their personal message artistically, getting to know each other better and working together more effectively, coordinating their efforts to become part of a team with common goals.

What was our starting point for these projects? In our encounters with a number of painters, two experiences in particular emerged that both featured pictorial art as the focal point of the respective projects, where the goal to be reached can be attained only if every single participant is able to connect with the signs and symbols left by others: Action Painting, which ensures a level of interactive experience created for our client’s employees and collaborators, and Plexi Art, as a tool to implement edutainment activities, combining aspects of both education and entertainment and specifically developed to involve guests and customers during corporate events.

Action painting is an exhilarating and enjoyable experience that also contains elements with a particularly high training value. All team members are given a small canvas on which they can express their often hidden talents and creativity, together with paints and brushes to elaborate on the assigned theme. The only essential requirement is that every canvas must form part of a bigger picture, meaning that colours and forms chosen must match the choices made by the other members of the team. And the final result? The canvases of all teams are placed next to each other to create a picture that reveals the message transmitted by the corporate event.
[We did this for Bonfiglioli Group]

When the aim of the company is to involve its guests and at the same time to elicit spontaneous feedback on its activities, Plexi Art is the perfect solution. This is a kind of shared and participative creative process, in which emotions, feelings and values are traced on the surface of a transparent perspex cylinder. The guests present, who are often top customers, use coloured marker pens to leave their artistic contributions, personal messages about what the company transmits to them and the benefits obtained from its products. Surprises are guaranteed however when the participants discover that the hand of a professional visual designer can transform their drawings and phrases into an authentic artistic narration of the experience enjoyed. A story that comes from customers, and that everyone in the company can read and reflect on when the perspex cylinder is taken back to head office. [We did this for a Pharmaceutical Group]

And this is how art can be used to offer you two dynamic and interactive project formats for the different types of people involved with your company—the workforce in the case of Action Painting, and customers in the case of Plexi Art—to successfully achieve two different but highly functional objectives.

Project Manager