Foresight and experience

Experience and foresight often seem to be following opposite directions. The first one strives for the past: experience understood as the rich past that teaches abilities, builds professionalism and authority. On the opposite, foresight can be seen as an arrow aimed at the future: almost the magical and innate capacity to see the unexpected, to predict what does not yet exist, yet will soon become.

Nonetheless, foresight and experience are two sides from the same coin, a creative left hand and a responsible right hand that balance creations and projects, work and effort. Because, at the end of the day, in today’s concrete working world, experience undeniably proves to be the best telescope to support eyes that strive to look ahead.

Past and present

Magina is today a 20 year old reality, who has embraced experience as one of its focal points, main character of a winning duo: the experience accumulated throughout its 20 years of organising events is the result of tireless work aimed at building an always new and improved present one. Thanks to decades of experience gathered on the field, Magina continues to apply the latter in unique and original ways, in order to best surprise its clients and meet their desires.

The artist’s creative genius, depicted in the realisation of the project, and the undeniable passion needed to make an experience unforgettable, are without a doubt what makes a company alive and prolific. Nonetheless, experience is what upholds a company’s fall, what shows the most efficient solution to a problem, and what allows a company to offer the smartest service, one where the most efficient use of energy meets the best realisation of a project.

However, not even experience makes a reality error-free. This comes from the unpredictability of human nature, the unknown variable that makes us all hold our breath until the end of the show. And it is exactly this same variable where often resides, unexpected, the magical touch.