The gift of perspective

If the eagle wouldn’t have wings to fly high, then its very fine sight would be absolutely worthless. This is what makes a third person, an external figure fundamental in solving from the outside some form of internal difficulty. This is what Magina does every day in a new and unique way, now for more than 20 years. No matter how strong a company, how solid its grasp on the market, or how careful its human resources management, all companies know that sometimes the best help can only come from outside.

Magina’s gift is perspective: as an outside player, it has the capability to approach the problem with a different perspective, in a new and unaffected way, that combined with its long standing experience, often proves to provide the only solution to an otherwise unsolvable puzzle. If perspective is the viewpoint of the eye that allows us to see from the outside, towards far and upcoming events, then experience is what allows us to adopt the most favourable action scheme to untangle the problem.

Problems and solutions

However, perspective is first and foremost “solving”: the strength of Magina resides in making this external viewpoint, and the set of new possibilities and solutions that it brings, its own, and, in combination with its experience, use these tools to find the most appropriate solution to any kind of problem. And it is here where Magina’s tireless working finds the most creative, and often precious, of solutions. Once again, experience creates solutions patterns, schemes, and combinations. Yet the artistic brilliance, which adapts to the ever-changing circumstances, breaks these schemes with answers that before seemed unimaginable.

Again and again, the solution derives from the problem itself. Perspective then puts Magina under a different framework, one as old as the history of men: the practice of midwifery. This figure, balancing in between science, magic, and anthropology, that helps us become who we are. Third party between a mother and her son, just like Magina is to its clients, the midwife puts her knowledge and abilities to the aid of a natural problem, which ultimately possess the solution within itself. A solution that just needs some help to surface.