Beauty and involvement

What makes us one with beauty is its godlike origin, its all too familiar complexity. We recognize ourselves in this turmoil because we feel its call coming from within, like a sort of equilibrium which we once experiencedor are striving to reach. It is this very rare moment of balance, of perfection, that stirs up in the audience feelings of euphoria, of involvement.

Just like a kid learning something new, so emotional involvement from an outside source is a biochemical phenomenon. In the same way that a kid is never going to forget those newly learned mental schemes– such as counting or riding a bicycle – so an adult will find it impossible to let go of emotions felt in the presence of incomparable beauty.

Beauty and communication

In this process, the audience shifts from being mere spectators to active players, striving to grasp and retain as much of this beauty as possible: by being involved in it, it becomes part of the self. Here is where one witnesses the communicative strength of beauty, its capacity to touch the soul and unravel wonderful emotions.

Magina, throughout its many years of activity, has adopted this exceptional strength as one of its core standpoints, an indispensable value for its work. From promoting its territorial beauty to the extreme attention to detail adopted in its every single event, Magina sees beauty as a vital aspect of its professionality. Something that needs to be patiently discovered and built, yet comes as a natural consequence for those who advocate dedication and attention to detail. In conclusion, beauty should not be seen as crown jewel to parade, yet as a way to live one’s life with love.