Fellini 100: 5 Oscars and 1 extraordinary life!

The great master Federico Fellini, indissolubly connected to the city of Rimini, celebrates his centenary right this year. Màgina shares with him the roots, the character but mostly the ability to be transported into the dreams.


For this reason, we are honoured to interpret the Fellini’s metaphor for the business events.







The 360 Dinner

The city centre and its most representative places are the set for a dinner spread on multiple venues. It is a convivial way of dining, going back to the tradition, that we love our guests to re-experience.  The watchword is the dynamism of the team as a whole, as the participants are engaged in an interactive itinerary between one course and the other.









Gala Dinner

An elegant dinner translated into a kaleidoscope of oneiric vibes, where the most famous chataracters of Fellini’s filmography interact with the guests. The thematic corners, the feminine beauty, the itinerant music, the subtle scenographies, the acrobatic perfomances … Every detail is interpreted by following a file rouge, strongly based on Fellini’s imagination.












Team Building

If you think about Fellini, you automatically think about Rimini. Be the tool a camera, a videocamera, a mobile phone … the interaction and the team play take the spotlight. The chosen places are all connected with the past of the director and the challenges are inspired by the most surprising habits of the territory. And after the clap of the clapperboard, the participants become an active part of the recordings. A path through the real essence of Fellini!


Special Events

La metafora felliniana diviene supporto di proiezioni ad alto impatto scenico. Dalla proiezione olografica, al video mapping passando per la motion capture in un crescendo di applicazioni tecnologicamente innovative che favoriscono una comunicazione del brand fuori dagli schemi!

Project Manager