The digital technologies are tremendous tools for the improvement of the company’s brand communication in terms of power and empathy.

We understood straight away the  opportunities of application of the FACE MOCAP – as a digital technology – to the world of business events, that was used, up until short time ago, only in the 3D animation film industry.

How does it work?

The first step to prepare a Face Mocap is to map the facial features of an off-stage actor, that will give life to a 3D “alias” on the screen faithfully replicating the facial mimics of his alter ego.

The great added value of the Face Mocap is in the opportunity to put in place a “live dialogue” between the 3D on-screen character, the speaker and the audience.


“Many thanks to all of you, for your work and your dedication. My career as a woman speaking with cookies has just started!”

Alessia Scolari, MEC 3 Brand Manager


Cookie 3D Character – MEC3 Convention – 17th Januray 2020

 Why choosing the Face Mocap?

  • To improve the communication flow between the audience and the stage
  • To create an exuberant co-host, a futuristic showman that handles an empathic relationship both with the speaker and the public
  • To give an innovative touch to the classic business convention model
  • To create an actual live show, where the 3D characters naturally share the stage with the human speakers thanks to the veracity given by the natural live voices of the off-stage actors.


Miss Creamy the 3D Gelatomaker- MEC3 – 17th January 2020

Have you ever thought you could have a live dialogue with your typical customer right during your convention?

Face Mocap makes it possible!

The Face Mocap technology gives the opportunity to bring your products, your company referents and even your typical customer alive. Let’s say, for example, we are among the audience during a product launch and suddenly our typical customer makes his entrance in 3D right on screen. The typical customer might start asking specific questions to the anchormen, giving them the opportunity to convey, in a cross talk, the contents that the company wants to communicate.


What are the new frontiers?

Just think about the possibilities of the creative application of the Face Mocap in a live stream on a social media, in a Q&A campaign or in many other channels.  The Face Mocap is a completely universal technology, going from the animation to the gaming industry, that multiplies, diversifies and amplifies the company’s brand communication.


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