Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) became formally part of the European Union programme with the European Council of Lisbon in 2000, and it can be understood to be the application of corporate policies capable of reconciling economic aims with essential social and environmental targets for the territory involved, promoting sustainability for the future.

In other words, demonstrating a responsible commitment to our work and our activities by means of concrete actions.
In the past, event organization mainly meant surprising, impressing and entertaining participants with the communication of “special effects”: there was someone who created the event, and someone who experienced it.

Today, the surprise in events is created together, and derives from the values and the message that participants take home with them. The winning company is the coherent company that presents good practices and pursues a culture of social responsibility, the company that enjoys the challenge serving advanced consumers, the conscious protagonists of evolving market trends.

The key to success lies in listening, and the winning tool lies in sharing.

Màgina supports responsible and sustainable events

Our part of responsibility comprises:

  • rigour and discipline in pursuing a coherent approach to values and transparency in interactions with our clients, our collaborators and all the persons we involve in our projects;
  • continuous commitment to respecting the environment in which we live and work;
  • voluntary participation in a network of associations engaged in the promotion of corporate social responsibility, with the aim of constantly updating our offer of innovative actions to clients and sharing them to develop progress and benefits for society.
Think Social is a campaign that helps us map our course towards an ideal goal.
Think Social is an acknowledgement that we wish to give every time we develop and perfect a good practice of social responsibility together with our clients.
Our aim?
To give a Think Social to every event we organize!