Poet Tonino Guerra claimed that:

Beauty is the true wealth of Italy.

We fully share this conviction and we found the perfect occasion to demonstrate this at the Tupperware Convention in the historical city of Ercolano. The splendid Villa Campolieto, an architectural masterpiece from the Bourbon period, was the setting for the presentation of a new “vision” of corporate communication, focusing on sheer beauty.

The 500 sellers were captivated by the enchanting images that flowed from doors and windows to create a stream of new worlds and extraordinary emotions, culminating in an explosion of fantasy devoted to the company’s brand name.

Video mapping 3D is a form of video art with a very strong impact. The façade of a building becomes a surface on which an original story can be written, complete with made-to-measure 3D effects and computer animations.

Màgina offers various ways of using this technique, with the possibility of customizing it to suit the type of event, as for example in this case (a gala evening), in which video mapping is both scenography and performance, an element of entertainment and fascinating refinement.