We know nothing, we imagine everything…
F. Fellini

It seemed as if the famous director Federico Fellini was there himself to watch us, with the great love he felt for his home town of Rimini, portrayed in all its fascination and mystery in his movie masterpieces. The city centre and the quarter of San Giuliano, where Fellini lived his childhood, became an open-air theatre for an experience totally out of the ordinary, and the stars of the show were the guests of an important Italian company celebrating its 50 years of success.

A long route through the town, a highly detailed map and a succession of places linked with Fellini, with small stages springing up spontaneously between alleys and courtyards, bringing characters and poetry to the scene.

A final film shoot surprised and entertained the 100 participants, who had become actors in a performance under the curious gaze of the citizens of Rimini.