An event like a journey, the story of a product’s life to celebrate 140 years of the Albini Group, an Italian company that makes and markets the finest shirt fabrics in over 80 countries throughout the world.

1000 guests, a space of 30,000 square metres to prepare, 300 metres of lighting trusses for direct video filming, international performance artists with past experience with Cirque du Soleil—and all of this under our careful supervision and coordination.

Using scenery, costumes, lights and entertainment points, we recreated the production processes and superb artisan skills that the company still uses today, with the same passion and dedication as 140 years ago, from the cultivation of cotton in Egypt through to the creation of the final product at the Albini factory.

As the venue for the event, we chose Spazio Fase—the former Pigna paper mill at Alzano Lombardo—a jewel of the Italian industrial archaeology. For the occasion we decided to “dress” this space with Albini’s own fabrics and colours, focusing on the themes of reuse and sustainability by using materials with a low environmental impact. And in fact, even the DJ’s mixing console was made from old wooden pallets!

Every floor of the old factory presented a part of the story of the product, waiting to be discovered to enjoy an exciting interactive experience: stiltwalkers with sumptuous costumes adorned with cotton flowers welcomed the guests; the long colonnade was swathed in white threads woven together to reproduce the warp of a fabric; a giant bookshelf of cushions made from Albini textiles was the photo set for fabulous group snapshots; using camouflage techniques, guests put on shirts and merged imperceptibly into a background of printed fabric; a silhouettist, a juggler, aerial dances and waterballs, to narrate the life cycle of these fabrics with elegance and flair.

In the grand finale, the Albini family was presented with a picture made from fabric flowers by the entire workforce… the perfect conclusion to an event shared by everyone who contributed to the great results achieved!

Do you want to take a look at the event’s video? Click here