A project inspired by Circus Theatre, the circus of fantasy and imagination, the primordial circus, the circus of the families who travelled around Italy with their artists, creating entertainment for children and adults alike by mixing acrobatic prowess with theatrical performances.

A well-established and dynamic company present in Rimini for the 2013 IT Forum, Assiom Forex, wanted to put its bank executives to the test, and chose the circus theme because of its capacity to unite acrobatics and artistic expression.
The setting was Rimini’s “Dolce Vita” beach, prepared with elements of the circus of yesteryear, featuring colours, large mats and original pieces of equipment.

This was the scenography that recreated the desired atmosphere, complemented by a display of over 100 models of circus vehicles, an old-fashioned merry-go-round and a candyfloss and popcorn cart, small details that combined to evoke fond memories of childhood for all participants.
A dedicated space was used to install all the necessary structures and equipment, and the intrepid participants, guided by professional instructors, tried their hand at some of the fundamental circus arts.

In the circuses of the past, large and eye-catching coloured images were a crucial means of attracting the attention of the public.
This is why we used some 5700 coloured balloons, working together with our guests, to construct a giant mosaic to represent the image that symbolized the day, highlighting the commitment and collaboration of all participants.

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