“Colour exists only because we can see it. Colour is a wavelength perceived by humans. Colour is light visible to the eye. Colour is an emotion.” Baumit

When a product launch becomes a tangible emotion, its story on the market can only be a story of success.

The choice of the venue, the artistic performances and above all the contents created for guests made this launch event particularly successful, as demonstrated by the words of our client, which we are pleased to share with you:

“What can I say… THANK YOU to you all, the enthusiastic reactions we’re still receiving after our special evening are also due to your excellent work, your advice and suggestions, your sheer professionalism and energy. You’ve helped to make an event that was already magnificent even more divine, like our Divina paint. Working with you has been a true pleasure, because you managed to turn the atmosphere of emotion and obviously colour that we wanted to give the evening into a tangible reality. Thanks again to all of you.”

(Juliska Gregoris, Sales & Marketing, Baumit Italia SpA).

Launching a new range or product is never easy, because it calls for efficient and effective communication that attracts attention and arouses curiosity. At Màgina, over the years we have developed considerable skills in transforming the needs of our clients into unique and exciting experience for guests at their events.

And this isn’t the first time we’ve worked with Baumit, a leader in the building products sector present in over 30 markets throughout the world, to develop a launch event for a new product line [see more ].

“Colours as the protagonists of your spaces” is the slogan for the new “Divina” line. What was the best way to communicate it to communicate it to the company’s customers?

To exalt the unique qualities of colour for which Baumit paints are renowned, we created an evening of emotions, rich in allure and appeal. Our vast experience in the entertainment sector was an enormous help!

Guests were greeted at the fascinating Hotel Palazzo di Varignana by stiltwalkers dressed sumptuously in multihued costumes emphasizing the luminosity of the colours of the new Baumit product line. Waiting for them in the main hall was a rainbow of lights and choreographies created specifically for the evening, to transmit all the benefits of the new “Divina” range.

An evening dedicated to art… the same art that Baumit applies every day in the manufacture of its products of outstandingly high quality.

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