A European capital for a strategic meeting

Partnership and new ideas to be shared were the principal themes of the annual Bonfiglioli meeting dedicated to the company’s distributors from all over Europe.

Two busy days divided between discussion sessions and games and cultural activities allowed guests to enjoy an unforgettable experience in Barcelona.
A bicycle tour around the city was planned especially for the dynamic meeting guests, who were asked to participate actively by filling in a questionnaire about the Spanish curiosities and art along the route.
With its strong emphasis on interactivity and entertainment, the welcome for event participants put them in perfect conditions to participate in discussion sessions.
The group was also able to discover more about Spanish cookery and traditional dances, competing against each other in team games.
This reinforcement of relationships in an enjoyable and stimulating international context made an important contribution to the meeting’s success and the reaffirmation of the values of a truly great company.

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