Nothing more than an assortment of miniature works of art, which taken singly make no particular impression… but when they’re put together they create a marvellous picture!

And just like in a mosaic, it’s only when the best managers join forces that they are able to produce a picture that’s a unique success.

This is why we chose the metaphor of mosaics and Ravenna, the city that perhaps best symbolizes this technique, as the inspiration for an exhilarating interactive training project for 55 international managers from the financial division of the Bonfiglioli Group. For the occasion of the group’s annual meeting, we created four activities in perfect harmony with the host city and with the objectives that the company wanted to transmit to its collaborators: integration between colleagues of different nationalities and cultures, a passion for their work, and innovation in full respect of corporate traditions.

The activities culminated in the creation of a “mosaic” dedicated to Bonfiglioli, consisting in experiments in collective action painting. Fifty-five white canvases (one for every participant), each to be personalized as preferred, but all featuring the identifying symbol and colour of the single teams.

After these painting experiments, what would happen when they were all put together?

It was a great surprise for the participants when they saw the “big picture”, which revealed the message “Dream Team”, used in sports and other contexts, to indicate a team fielding a squad of players judged to be amongst the best.

A meaningful message that the Bonfiglioli Group wanted to transmit to its indispensable human resources, who’ll remember the occasion forever, every time they look at the canvas they took home with them as a memento of the experience they lived.

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