Forever forward, forever together, for excellence

“Forever forward” is the marketing slogan of Bonfiglioli, the Italian company that for 60 years has been manufacturing gearmotors in 80 countries, presented one year ago during an event in which we were directly involved [see more], and once again, the Màgina team worked with this major multinational to organize the entertainment for its annual International Meeting. This year the event was even a bit more special, because it is precisely in 2016 that the famous Italian company celebrates its 60 years of activity, a story made up of people, successes and goals achieved. This is an important milestone for Bonfiglioli, a company that has never lost the family-managed spirit of its early days that has allowed it to become so successful.

The group’s managers from all over the world were present at the meeting, which offered a fundamental opportunity for an exchange of ideas and to work together for a better understanding of the specific features of the different markets in which Bonfiglioli works. The meeting also made it possible to promote and reinforce the group’s essential values.

The importance of this strategic event and of the topics discussed during its sessions was underlined by the great prestige of the venue chosen, the distillery of Villa Zarri, a splendid 16th-century mansion of outstanding elegance and fascination.
Villa Zarri Italian Brandy is in fact a product that fully expresses the concept of Made-in-Italy excellence, and the meeting participants who visited the cellars where the brandy is aged defined their experience as “magical”, as if time had slowed down to follow the steady rhythms of the seasons once again.
Guests were welcomed in the villa’s park, with its centuries-old trees, and here we were able to offer them luminous atmospheres that emphasized the principal aspects of the setting even more irresistibly. The voice of a soprano enchanted all the participants present, adding a delightful poetic touch to the superb surroundings. And the notes of Italian tenor Andrea Boccelli’s “Con te partirò” formed a perfect backdrop for the announcement of the Golden Apple award in the Enterprise section of the 18th edition of the Marisa Bellisario Prize won by Sonia Bonfiglioli, President and CEO of the Bonfiglioli Group, just a few days earlier.

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