The value of raw materials
the strength of our hands
have built the success of today
and will open the road to the future.

To welcome its 250 international guests at the CERSAIE 2010 fair, Refin, a company of primary importance on the panorama of Italian ceramics production, decided to share with them a tribute to the company’s fundamental aims and values, to celebrate an important moment in its growth: the presentation of the new showroom at Casalgrande, set among the industrial buildings that for two evenings formed the backdrop for a spectacular happening interpreting the company and its protagonists.

At the centre of the event were the natural elements from which ceramics are created, represented in a sequence of artistic movements flowing into each other in front of the audience, with graceful gestures of the hands transforming sand into visual poetry, magnified and projected onto the external wall of the building. Brilliant firework effects depicted fire, transmitting the shaping force of human intervention, expressed by the fluidity of athletic dance theatre displays combined with the voice of a soprano to link these gifts of nature and to depict the results of creation, amplifying space and uniting voice and bodies as a physical extension of the emotions.

The presence of guests from different cultural and linguistic origins inspired the search for a language that could move beyond this diversity to explore and evoke universal inner experiences through the suggestive power of natural energies. The result was a powerful performance focusing on the values uniting humanity and the skills dedicated to the amalgamation of raw materials, a unique experience of impressions and sensations.

Strong roots for growth together

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