Conservation and innovation

Thirty years after the birth of one of the most important Italian IT companies, CLE has chosen to celebrate its first three decades of history by betting on the future.

On the date of this special anniversary, CLE was able to present itself to customers and employees not only as a consolidated group but also at the forefront of innovation. CLE took a bet on itself for the digital innovation challenge and this was undoubtedly experienced by the two hundreds guests whom participated to the event.


A group of consultants worked together to transform the business meeting into a contextual performance dominated by special effects.

A visual performance followed the institutional talking which took place in the morning. The show’s main protagonist was a three meters – high transparent holographic cube which clearly dominated the scene. As a totem, the cube suddenly came to life: a performer  was suddently dancing inside it, illuminated by a wonderful light show.

A fertile collaboration among those who actively organized the event: : Maggi Pinto, Meeting Planner, Magina who provided quality services, tailored to the needs of CLE.


Thirty years of CLE’s experience and the idea of a digital revolution where reunited under a unique visual message through an invisible yet indispensable organization.

The cube, combining the images of a dancing body with a carousel of numbers running across the holographic walls, became the symbol of conscious innovation, the emblem of CLE.