The Dream Team made history

When a winning team for the 1992 Barcelona Olympics had to be created, the giants of American basketball came together to form what went down in history as the Dream Team.

In 2009, six top technology companies decided to join forces in the same way, forming a group to face the challenges of the difficult economic moment, with the strengths of every single element contributing to the success of the whole team.

These parallel stories inspired us to explore a metaphor of excellence that became the leitmotif of the 2010 event where the new group presented itself to major customers from all over the world, to help them understand how to work in the future with the entire group, maintaining the trust already established in consolidated business relations but with all the added advantages of the potential for mutual growth and development made possible by a global presence and the synergies of the group.

The metaphor became a lively and memorable event, thanks to a remarkable live performance by the international acrobatic basketball team, presented at Milan’s Alcatraz discotheque.

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