Reuse interprets the style of Giuseppe Zanotti

A sustainable interactive training project involving sales representatives of the Vicini SpA group from all over the world.
Starting from the last that gives the shape to footwear, the essential heart of the brand, the international guests designed, produced and presented new designer objects.
As they were all involved in selling the shoes of the famous Giuseppe Zanotti footwear brand, a Made-in-Italy enterprise with almost 100 flagship stores throughout the world, what discarded materials could have been better for our guests than the lasts used to make these shoes?
The objects devised had to satisfy the needs of the potential customers assigned to each team, and at the end of the day they were judged according to their appeal, originality and presentation.
The teams were provided with simple materials like fabrics, buttons, mirrors, ribbons, needles and thread and everything else necessary for their objects, and they used all their imagination and enthusiasm to become totally involved in this extraordinary creative challenge.
A day dedicated to creativity, in which the participants shared their resources and skills to successfully achieve their goals.

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