Sustainable Fringe Event, a new eco-creative trend

For the first time in the city of Rimini we created an off-site showcase that was a true eco-event.
A successful meeting between a technologically innovative system of windows with a high content of eco-sustainability from a company capable of looking beyond conventional forms of advertising, and our desire to face a new challenge and to create unusual but always highly stimulating situations.

Considering the name of the system, Leonardo, to be rich in potential images and references, we devised an entire emotional programme open to all (adults and children, professionals and non-professionals) that would transmit the concept of an eco-sustainable culture, allowing visitors to rediscover an idea of a form of environment inspired by the manifesto of eclectic Austrian architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser, in which he invited people to claim the right to modify their windows as they wish: an incitement to take action, to look for an action to make an incisive mark on daily life.

The event thus developed precisely as a concentration of different viewpoints and different creative approaches:
it was an exhibition, with Paolo Arnò’s window sculptures highlighting creative aesthetics and fantasy;
it was an educational project dedicated to the future, with a workshop for the children of Rimini’s CEIS school, led by Arnò and continuing for the rest of the year at the school itself;
it was attention and enhancement of values for the territory’s products, with a zero-kilometre aperitif;
it was an alternative signage system to communicate cleanness, created by Green Graffiti;
it was a multisensorial experience, considering windows no longer as a separation but a means of multiplying visions, with their transparency constantly opening new paths for new forms of imagination.

A display showcase using only cardboard supports and a reverse-graffiti signage system exploiting the cleaning power of water to remove selected areas of dirt, and a zero-kilometre buffet, with the use of plastics absolutely prohibited. The entire project was complemented by an educational project offered to the pupils of Rimini’s CEIS school, which continued for several months after the original event as a fully-fledged art workshop, and with reuse activities for two school levels.
All participants in the showcase event discovered the value of environmentally clean communication, of the aesthetic beauty that comes from the simplicity of materials, of the possibility of moving towards a culture of sustainability by giving preference to local products, and of attention towards the sector of the public most important for our future: OUR CHILDREN.

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