Orienteering in the hills of Modena for Lamborghini.

A team-building activity developed specifically for 60 employees of Lamborghini, the famous automaker with particularly strong links to the most excellent features of its territory.

With 130 dealers around the world, Lamborghini is a multinational that makes the world’s most coveted supercars, and they chose Màgina yet again to create an interactive training project for its workforce.

For a whole day, the teams composed of professionals with different roles and responsibilities competed with each other in trials of skill, puzzles, quizzes, explorations and cultural contests in the territory where their company is located, armed with maps and compasses.

What we created was something decidedly different from traditional orienteering, passing from the countryside to a small town. The aim was to allow participants to live a unique experience, far more stimulating than a classroom training session.

As the venue we chose the ancient township of Castelvetro di Modena, rich in surprises and noted for its Renaissance squares, mediaeval towers and museums, but also shops and craft workshops. And it was here that the teams had to sharpen their eyesight and take part in the various challenges, in an experience that stimulated, entertained and reinforced collaboration between work colleagues, bringing out and confirming the talents and skills of all participants in a town rich in history, traditions and culture. Every single step of all activities was studied to add something different and excitingly special to this memorable experience.

What’s the secret of our projects? First and foremost, we offer creativity and excellent training combined with experiences strongly linked to the territory.