It is not enough to have a good mind. The main thing is to use it well. Descartes

The commitment of an important Italian carmaker, Lamborghini,  a new project ready to be launched on the market and a metaphor for the launch itself were all involved in a diversified programme of interactive learning activities.
The starting point was an old Leonardo da Vinci drawing, from which we developed a technical feasibility project, and participants then had to build a catapult, the weapon devised by Leonardo’s genius, to launch a final projectile to complete their task.
However, the challenge required much more, because to collect all the materials necessary to build their catapult the teams needed to overcome a variety of trials of skill, and after identifying and applying all their individual skills, they worked ceaselessly to reach the final objective.
Although the “launch” of a projectile could be considered a relatively simple operation, in reality it called for ability, inventiveness, enthusiasm and collaboration by a group of curious and tireless men and women, which is exactly what happens every day in the world’s best businesses.

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