The Lamborghini brand mounts its chargers for “Tilting at the Quintain”

The training activity programme planned for Lamborghini explored the theme of a contest of skills, following the rules of the ancient sport of “Tilting at the Quintain”.

The 60 participants were asked to recreate and take part in this contest, constructing everything necessary for the presentation and the competition with their own hands. After being divided into teams and choosing a family name, the colours, the emblems and the tasks for their dynasty, team members took part in workshop sessions to study tailoring, music and construction techniques for pushcarts and lances.

For the whole day the rooms of the Palazzo Loup, renamed “Loup County” for the occasion, were transformed into a tailor’s shop, a musical workshop, a construction site and a dancing parlour, for an exciting experience of life in the past.

The Lamborghini dynasties paraded in a historical procession, each preceded by their family banner, and they challenged each other with champions chosen for every type of contest.

Taking advantage of their strong carmaking traditions, each team built its own “chariot” to compete with the other teams to win the Quintain tournament.

The herald announced the start of the contest, with the drummers beating their drums, and concluding with a thrilling final race to decide the winners.

An experience that stimulated, entertained and reinforced the spirit of collaboration between work colleagues, bringing out or confirming the skills and talents of every single participant.