Devised, developed and directed by Rob H. Budde

Performance event to celebrate 20 years of activity of the Padua Liver Transplant Centre

A theatre performance devised and developed to celebrate 20 years of activity of Padua Hospital’s Liver Transplant Centre, an evening of enjoyment on a delicate theme at the conclusion of a conference, directed by Rob H. Budde, currently the only director in Italy to have explored the many facets of this highly sensitive type of health communication from a theatrical orientation.

The story behind every single transplant is always unique. The strictly medical and physiological aspect triggers an entire galaxy of physical, psychological and emotional situations directly involving not only patients themselves, but also their most intimate bonds of affection and the staff of medical caregivers, constituting a new family accompanying them on a difficult road often with an uncertain outcome.

So many people participate in a transplant that to bring them onstage we decided to liken them to the members of an orchestra. The complexity of operations of this type and their multiple physical and psychological aspects in many ways resemble a symphony with a well-defined score, in which every single instrument has a precise part to play and whose contribution is indispensable for perfect harmony to be achieved.
This was the concept that gave the evening its title: You cannot whistle a symphony, you need an orchestra!

This is why I Solisti Veneti gave us special permission to use their picture for this occasion only, but they were not the only celebrities who helped to make this performance so special. Others of great generosity and sensitivity like Alex Britti, Annalisa Minetti, Pierluigi Diaco, Georgia Luzi and Gioele Dix alternated between the stories and personal testimonies presented, creating together with the true protagonists (doctors, patients, relatives) an evening that attained an extraordinary emotional intensity.

Rob H. Budde, one of the Màgina partners and a Dutch director who has lived in Italy for many years, approached this new project after long experience in health communication events, having already been entrusted with several celebration events, including one for the thousandth kidney transplant (Treviso, 2009), an event dedicated to lung oncology called “The challenge of the limit is the limit of the challenge” (Padua, 2006), and for the twentieth anniversary of heart transplants (Rome, 2005).