An end-of-the-year party is a hugely important communication event for any company.

It combines shared participation and entertainment together with the reinforcement of corporate values and the sense of belonging of the entire workforce, all in a single momentous occasion.
This why we devised a very special evening for TenarisDalmine. An event to be totally lived and discovered, a celebration but at the same time an excellent experience to give the perfect dose of energy for a spectacular start of the new year.
The evening started inside a space re-designed like an ancient Greek or Roman square, where guests could move freely between islands of entertainment and were illuminated by huge cones of light. Spectacular scenery and enthralling performances involved the public in a veritable festival of art and enjoyment.
A video traced a story on a wall, with simple elements like water and colours interacting to capture the essence of the TenarisDalmine Group. An essence portrayed many times during the evening by our professional photographer who resided at the centre of the room, surrounded by an authentic photo set, which was prepared to give full freedom to the creativity of the guests.
We successfully presented a sensational show, involving international artists like David Middendorp, the Dutch choreographer who brought the evening’s guests an exceptional performance of “Blue Journey”, with which he reached the finals of the 9th edition of “America’s Got Talent”. We also offered displays of new artforms like Speed Painting, a performance speciality based on the speed with which a work of art can be created.We presented a multifaceted artist, actor, clown, juggler and mime artist… all under the great guidance of a stunning Italian anchorwoman who entertained the guests thoughout the evening.

The grand finale saw the performance of “Liberi Di”, a nationally and internationally renowned troupe of dancers and acrobats, who struck the guests with a stupendous spectacle that swung constantly between reality and fantasy, in a play of movements and artistic gymnastics that happened between earth and water.