An extraordinary event, under the banner of a perfect physical shape

In Genoa, we organised to pharmaceutical company an extraordinary event for the launch of an innovative communication project (specialized online magazine)

The event saw the participation of 60 company employees, who were treated to a thrilling experience, riveting moments, life-changing emotions.

In the course of the first part, each guest was provided with cutting-edge tools (approccio 2.0) to immerse themselves in the world of Augmented Reality.

Then the guests were provided with an audio guide, which accompanied until at the special guest Umberto Guidoni. The astronaut told the participants about his experience, the missions, the preparation and the reactions of his body to zero gravity.

The venue of the next stage was the Ancient Harbour of Genoa, where the guests saw a show by the Crazy Dunkers, a renowned French team of stuntmen, performing breathtaking basketball acrobatics in a court set up for the occasion in the Calata Gadda expanse.

Leaving the Ancient Harbour the participants reached Porta Soprana, where the international free climber Tazio Gavioli climbed up the face of one of the two 31 metre high towers, and he did so with bare hands and feet, accomplishing an unprecedented feat, before a thrilled audience, journalists and on-lookers who had gathered to witness the event.

In the late afternoon, a healthy drinks expert explained the properties of foods and vegetables and the importance of cold pressing, and prepared special drinks leading to a pleasurable tasting session.

The day was a journey to the discovery of the human body in a multiplicity of conditions: physical activity, extreme motion, health, according to all the principles of wellbeing.

At the end an artist painted two javelin throwers on two Plexiglas cylinders. The participants were invited to leave their own mark on the cylinders, their own artistic sign reflecting what the convention had meant to them and what they had learned.

The event for the launch of an innovative communication project could not have been more impressive, diversified and emotionally powerful. Each and every participant was able to gain a deep understanding of the meaning of the project.

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