When a product launch becomes a spectacular performance event.

Packaging, publicity and coupons can say almost anything, but consumers must be able to believe in what they read, and there can be no better way of achieving this than to involve them in a splendid gala evening where they can directly discover all the characteristics of the new product, acquiring experience with it and learning to appreciate it.

For Baumit, a leading construction materials company, with production and distribution facilities in no less than 28 central, southern and eastern European countries, we told the romantic tale of a lady (body painting performer) and her hero (hip-hop dancer), who is freed in the light of the panel (made by Baumit) from the magical spell that imprisons her, so that she can present the new product to the company’s customers by means of a breathtaking show.

As well as dance and music, the great star of the show was art… the same art that every day the Baumit’s workforce dedicates to the creation of the company’s products.

The gala dinner for the company’s guests was enhanced by the performance of a talented singer with keyboard accompaniment, who gracefully and elegantly provided a delightful musical background.

The sweet notes of a magical saxophone brought a touch of amazement and wonder in the guests who were present in the luxurious rooms of the Hotel Palazzo di Varignana.