A Starry Christmas for San Marino

For the second consecutive year, our director Rob Budde put his signature as Artistic Manager to San Marino’s most eagerly awaited event of the year—”Natale delle Meraviglie“!

After last year’s great success, we had to think up a new theme that would be of similarly deep significance for the public—and what we came up with was a star, as the symbol of a Christmas of quality for visitors in terms of hospitality, attractions and fascinating experiences.

And it turned out to be the perfect solution, so the next step was to transform it into reality, by installing a massive Christmas star in the republic’s main square, with a height of 12 metres and illuminated with a total of 30,000 LED lights. Thanks to these energy-saving lights, the message of the star was also one of environmental sustainability, also reflected in the care dedicated to street markets, with hand-crafted objects made from recycled materials and locally-sourced organic food and drink specialities.

But the occasion was not just one of lights and sustainability, but also one of exclusive entertainment made possible by the “House of the Star”, a traditional “spiegeltent” structure created in the Netherlands in the early 1900s, of which there are only four identical examples in the whole world. By day, the Spiegeltent, hosted Santa’s House, but in the evening it become a scintillating Cafe Dansant, with special events, food and wine tasting sessions and concerts.

And last but certainly not least was the fantastic Adventure Quarry, with climbing and survival routes for both children and adults!

This was a Christmas of Wonders that was also attentive to the theme of accessibility, with a variety of free services for the mobility-impaired (like the Triride motorization accessory for wheelchairs) to make sure that absolutely everyone was able to choose San Marino as a destination for their Christmas and New Year leisure.

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