Escape from the mental prison that you’ve constructed with fear and conditioning, and open yourself to change. Roy Martina

The challenge was to create a situation that would allow a group of international participants from all around the world to experiment with and apply the most advanced theories and techniques of overcoming mindsets that limit and are limited, escaping from the box of everything familiar that has become a cage.
An interactive seminar lasting a whole week led by a great expert Roy Martina, the internationally acclaimed writer and speaker, and also a successful doctor.
After brilliantly graduating while still young, and a karate and judo champion, over the last 20 years Martina has developed his experiences in the field of holistic therapies, and his passion and vision is to guide people in discovering their inner force and to achieve an excellent state of health.
Martina’s approach is distinguished by his enthusiasm, charisma and humour.
The setting for the seminar was dominated by colour and nature that embraced every single participant, stimulating their urge to change. A unique experience of life and work, in which in addition to the honour of collaborating in an international project with an expert whose skills are recognized throughout the world, we also enjoyed a rare opportunity to grow and share a deeply-felt emotion of joy.
The experience certainly went far beyond the organization of an international meeting, in which we succeeded with all our usual attention to detail, but was also a precious chance to participate enthusiastically in a truly unique occasion.
Some participant’s testimonies about the experience 

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