Italian red, a matter of style

Too long had passed since Sacmi last presented an event to bring all its customers together, and the time had come to see them all again. So what better chance than a special event held in parallel with an important trade fair?

Gaining a reputation for excellence in your field means having to conduct constant research into your specialty, into materials and into technologies, but it also calls for the ability to dedicate the right time to those who have always accompanied the company’s growth over the years. The result was an evening devoted to Italian Style, to all those things that the world envies us a bit, in which these very important people became protagonists… and why not, they were also properly pampered for the occasion!

The unique setting of a historical mansion in the hills of Rimini, with its park and its frescoes, and its splendidly arrayed tables elegantly punctuated by red in all its nuances, to match the red of the Sacmi logo. Red in the grace of the ballerinas suspended in the air to welcome guests, in the ribbons and warm vocal tones of a young soprano, red in the glimmering flames made to dance by a skilful horsewoman, a spectacle of fire in the heart of the darkness that concluded with the flight of an eagle, and right through to the personalized silhouette presented to every participant at this refined and unforgettable gala evening.

But as well as being the colour of class, red is also the colour of the force, strength and energy that Sacmi wanted to transmit, in a difficult moment for the global economy, to its customers and partners from as many as 60 countries, giving a strong signal of presence and encouragement to keep on working together under the hallmark of quality and beauty.

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