“History is the teacher of our actions.”
Niccolò Machiavelli

The historical heritage of our country is an inexhaustible source of experiences and important treasures, and it is our duty and responsibility not only to conserve and protect it, but also to fill it with new life.

For an all-Italian company and its 200 international guests, we chose to show them and bring back to life the castle of Gradara, a place packed with memories of ancient deeds and never-forgotten passions, and strongly associated with the tragically doomed lovers narrated by Dante.

Immersed in the atmosphere of the old medieval township of Gradara and in contact with the most authentic traditions, participants experienced the emotions of recreating history with the help of artists and professional experts from local associations.

A historical re-enactment is an event that involves us and gives us a sense of the values of a long-gone age. Through this experience, participants have the opportunity to take these values away with them, together with a desire to rediscover both their land of origin and their present life.

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