An event evening at Bari’s Petruzzelli Theatre devised by Màgina and Meeting Planner.
A vast number of specialists from all over Italy and abroad met in Bari for the 62nd National Conference of the Italian Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.

The event opened with a live multimedia event at the Petruzzelli Theatre, devised and coordinated by director Rob H. Budde and dedicated to “Beauty Rediscovered”, focusing on the theme of reconstructive surgery for women after breast cancer operations.
The event offered a fine opportunity to bring together and present experiences, transmit emotions and discuss topics and skills, harmoniously assembled around remarkably moving and sensitive multimedia presentations and performances. A memorable experience that went beyond the doctor/patient relationship, opening new horizons of emotions and involvement that provided delegates with extraordinary insights and gave the conference an exceptional impulse in terms of communication.

Special praise must go to conference chairman Michele Pascone and all the members of the medical team who so generously put their time, efforts and knowledge into the hands of a director who helped to create such a unique communication event.
Comperes: Duilio Giammaria (RAI) and Daniela Mazzacane (TeleNorda)
Actress: Carmela Vicenzi
Dance: Ileana Pace Academy
Orchestra: Paolo Lepore’s Jazz Studio Orchestra
Director: Rob H. Budde

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