The unequal challenge of snow

If you plan a team-building project for January, you can reasonably assume it might snow, but if the weather forecast at midnight on the day before the event gives clear skies and calm conditions you can go to sleep peacefully… then when the alarm clock goes off at 5 to give you time to sort out the final details of the programme due to start later with all the participants, and you look out of the window and see it’s snowing copiously and doesn’t look like stopping, and 15 cm of the stuff has already settled… then you realize yet again that in this job, you can never take anything for granted!

The unexpected can turn out to be a blessing if you know how to manage it, and it gives you even greater satisfaction at the success achieved, until it becomes sheer joy and you decide that despite everything this is absolutely the best job there is!

Thanks to the snow, we went beyond Sky ‘s expectations