Team rhythms for a team symphony

Team rhythms and cooperation were the focal point of the afternoon when all the top managers of an international group, Spotless, who had recently been joined by new executives met to get to know each other better and to tune into the same wavelength for the achievement of future targets.

The great diversity of origins of these participants inspired us to develop a musical metaphor, that of a great orchestra of a very high level, in which every member must have a perfect knowledge of the potential of their own instruments and of those of others, but above all must be able to listen attentively and create a rhythm that can be followed by everyone.

The result was an unforgettable concert of percussion instruments, in which all participants not only managed to play perfectly in time, but were also able to promptly perform the improvisations suggested by the conductor, reaching a surprising understanding of the spirit of adaptation and the importance of following the intuitions even of individuals.

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