We went to Tuscany, to the old village of Gargonza, loved and conserved by a man and his family, with a group of Tetra Pak’s Managers from various parts of the world, for a programme aiming to give a full understanding of the importance – and also, inevitably, the pleasure – of being able to share and taste, together, the products of the group’s skills made in a day of hard physical exertion.

A love of origins and traditions combined with intensive teamwork that saw participants putting an old mediaeval oven back into working order, then using it to cook bread made with their own hands, rebuilding a dry-stone wall destroyed by winter landslips, and digging over an abandoned patch of land to allow it to be cultivated again, while in the ancient wine cellars lessons were given on wine appreciation and the recognition of flavours.

In this setting permeated by authenticity, participants helped to renew the use of tools and instruments thought by now to be obsolete and superseded, with a message:
by rediscovering our roots, we can make better sense of what we’re doing now.

Exploiting the synergies of teamwork, we put an old medieval oven back into working order, and then used it to cook foods, we rebuilt a dry-stone wall destroyed by landslips, and we dug over an abandoned patch of land, allowing it to be cultivated again by sowing vegetable seeds.
Participants learnt the importance of sharing and collaboration for the respect of work rhythms. The study of ancient trades and crafts helped them to develop a strong sense of responsibility for what they were able to achieve, recognizing and enhancing their manual skills.

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