We know nothing, we imagine everything…

Federico Fellini inside and outside, in the elegant setting of the famous Grand Hotel di Rimini, a sophisticated gala evening dedicated to a Fellinian mood and to the fascination of the characters who populate his world. All in an atmosphere of fantasy and dreams. Exaggeration and identities mix together in the places, the music and everything else that carries us back to the sparkling ambiences of films like La Dolce Vita, where fame and luxury marked the dividing line between stardom and the rest of the world.
And Fellini’s celebrated women, a whole host of them, splendid and magnificently overstated as always! The authentic and provocative beauty of the women he loved so strongly, reinterpreted through the multicoloured lens of the great genius’s camera.

Spectacular scenic backdrops and dramatic characters bring back to life a panorama of episodes linked with Fellini’s childhood and youth in Rimini, with actors and actresses mingling with guests to portray the public’s most deeply loved characters, to the music of the timeless melodies composed by Nino Rota.